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Short Description of the Project

Sparkling Science Project
Pollen and respirable dust – mutual allergy triggers?

Powered by Sparkling ScienceThe project started recently and has a duration of two years (2012-2014). The lead partner of the project is the Institut of Structural Biology (Institute of Moleculare Biosciences) – from the Karl-Franzens University of Graz. Other University Partners are the Analytical Chemistry (Chemistry Institute) and the Systematical Botany & Geobotany (Institute for Plant Science) – all from the K–F University Graz.

Die educational research and the project evaluation is carried out by Erika Keller – fdbu, K-F University Graz) in co–operation with the AECC-Biology – University of Vienna.
Two classes from two high schools participate in the project: the 6B from the BRG Kepler, Graz und die 4. AHW from the HBLW ECOLE, Guessing.

Project summary:

Although up to now the relationship between allergy and respirable dust has been examined very little, there are some publication that indicate that there could be a relationship between a higher allergisation for allergy due to a higher environmental pollution and on the other hand that some sources of allergy could appear in a more aggressive or reactive form due to higher environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution and allergy are both central topics in the high school curriculum, both topics are prone to further a learner cantered approach and thus have the great potential to evoke interest among the students.

The here described project has he aim to investigate – together with the students – the connection between common allergy triggering substances and the environmental pollution sources, common in our area.

Students and teachers are actively involved in all the project phases. The formative and summative project evaluation accompanies the project and focusses on the learning processes of all the partners during the project.

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